When ever I let a client bring in or use numbing cream in the past, the skin would be un-tattooable, they made the skin about the consistency of a fat lip and I had to tattoo at about 1 fourth the speed of my normal tattooing...also their cream was so wet and slimey that I couldn't draw on the skin or apply a stencil for shit and the skin would become alert in about 30 or 40 minutes...INK-EEZE hasn't done any of that and is no different than tattooing un-treated skin, and my clients experiences have been numb for about 3 hours...because of normal skin texture, I'm able to tattoo at my best with out any bother or distraction at all!!!

Clark North
Staytrue Tattoo

Testimonials The day had arrived to finally have my thigh tattooed, in the back of my mind I wondered about two very important things- 1. How much is this going to be bothersome? 2. How well will I be able to sit for the duration of my new tattoo?

With the help of INK-EEZE both of my questions where answered in the best way. The INK-EEZE numbing cream and spray allowed me to sit for a complete 3 hour tattoo from start to finish with little or no pain. I will no longer get any big pieces with out the help of INK-EEZE cream and/or spray! Thanks INK-EEZE.

Shaun Grine
Tattoo by: Kyle crowell

This stuff really works, I put the cream on 2 hours before my tattoo session and when he started I didn't feel 1 thing for 3 hours, then when I did start to feel something he just used the spray every 10-15 min and I could barely feel a thing, if you get tattooed you have to try it!

Eric Blevens

I'm a firefighter and have been wanting to get a 9/11 memorial piece for the past few years, having finally decided on a full back piece the next step was to get it started. I've only had 1 tattoo previously and apparently over estimated my pain threshold. About 2 hours into what turned out to be a 4 hour session, Jake gave me a couple sprays of Ink-Eeze numbing spray. About 5 minutes later we started back into the first side. The difference was unbelievable; I literally couldn't even feel the needle. This spray has easily cut the time until my piece is complete by half, by enabling me to sit for longer periods of time as well as the ability to be completely relaxed which makes it much easier for the artist. I've told all of my friends about this product and I really can't say enough about it, absolutely amazing.

-- Nathan Sharp

Testimonials “I have 15 hours of work on my arm and didn’t feel any of it!

INK-EEZE is legit! I used the cream before my sessions and couldn’t feel anything at all. When the cream starts to wear off (about 2-3 hours) the spray takes over. It really is the most unbelievable product ever! I will NEVER get a tattoo again without INK-EEZE.

A few of my friends didn’t believe me and now that they have tried it they are blown away that it really does work!”

--Jade Huntley Blevens

I wanted to let you know what a difference it made when you put that cream on me. I couldn't feel a thing, and the line work that you did on my came out perfect! I could even feel the way it allowed you to move at a constant rate as opposed to stopping when I would move unexpectedly. And overall I know I hate pain as it is, but for my next tattoo if it as in a sensitive area, I would definitely use it again. I would also ecommend it to any one who knows they move a lot. Especially since putting it on helps the tattoo artist perform better, I'm sure anyone who cares about their tattoo should use it.

Gary Perez


I used Ink-EEZE on the inside of my bicep, before the tattoo (first time using it) and it worked. At first, there was hardly any pain, but after a while, it was somewhat painful - but only slightly. Don't get me wrong, tattoos hurt. Using Ink-EEZE, however, reduced the pain - but it was still there. Only, it was tolerable. Plus, Money Mike tattoos with a very light hand. I'm usually a very skeptical person, but Ink-EEZE worked.
--Terry Dipple
Owner of Inked Chronicles and former Mayor of San Dimas, CA


INK-EEZE is awesome. I use it as often as I can!
--Cheuy Art


My clients love this numbing spray for their tattoos & so do I. I used the cream 90 minutes before on my leg tattoo & it was INK-EEZE all the way.
--Cheuy Art

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INK-EEZE is the premier tattoo lifestyle brand that aims to numb, heal, and protect with a variety of tattoo care products.

  • PAIN RELIEF: INK-EEZE offers two formats of numbing products: a numbing cream and a numbing spray. The numbing cream is used to assist in pain relief by numbing the skin prior to pain occuring, while the numbing spray is used for pain relief for after the pain has been felt.
  • TATTOO AFTERCARE: INK-EEZE has three tattoo aftercare ointment and lotion products for tattoo healing and tattoo protection. The tattoo ointment is a vitamin a, c, d and e ointment with lavender, licorice, great tea and pomegranate extract, to help soothe and create a moisture barrier. The second is a cream-based tattoo aftercare that includes vitamins a, c, and e, soybean, sunflower, oat, licorice, cucumber, green tea, cucumber, cranberry, sweet almond and pomegranate extract to be absorbed by the skin to moisturize. The third tattoo aftercare product is a healing spray made up of non-petrolatum base including vitamins a, c, and e, soybean, sunflower, oat, cucumber, green tea, cranberry, sweet almond and pomegranate extract to be applied by spray without having to rub it in to create tattoo pain relief to its fullest. This is also a great tattoo enhancer for showing off your tattoos.
  • TATTOO FADING CARE: The INK-EEZE tattoo moisturizer is a tattoo aftercare product specifically formulated to keep your tattoo protected, reduce tattoo fading and to keep your tattoo looking good on an ongoing basis. To protect from tattoo fading, INK-EEZE has a specifically formulated UVA, UVB broad spectrum tattoo sunscreen with ink-barrier technology to help moisturize and shield the tattoo from the tattoo fading effects of tattoo sun exposure without leaving a white or grey film that does not properly show your tattoos detail and true ink.

For maximum pain relief, tattoo aftercare and tattoo care INK-EEZE has you covered literally and figuratively with all of their products.